Who We Are

The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Kansas is an organization comprised of Enlisted men and women of the Army and Air National Guard and their supporters who have banded together to pursue mutual goals in support of the National Guard and the national defense. For more information view our EANGKS Bylaws v2018

How We Began

The National organization, EANGUS, was conceived in 1970 by a group of Senior Enlisted National Guard individuals interested in expanding the role of Enlisted personnel on National Guard issues. The group met in South Dakota to consider ways to make the Guard a more influential arm of our national defense by improving the status, welfare and professionalism of the Enlisted soldier and airman. EANGKS is a charter of this National organization that today, the association represents 75,000 Enlisted Guard members in all 54 states, territories and the National Guard Bureau.

Our Purpose

EANGKS is dedicated to the principles of providing an adequate national defense and promoting the status, welfare and professionalism of the men and women of the Army and Air National Guard. The association is nonprofit and does not engage in partisan politics, nor support any candidate for political office.

Our Objectives

EANGKS pursues the goal of providing quality, motivated and professional soldiers, airmen and noncommissioned officers to the National Guard. To accomplish this, EANGKS fully supports:

Adequate full-time staffing: Technicians, Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) and M-Day drill status positions to perform assigned missions. Adequate pay and allowances for National Guard members. Adequate health, medical, family and death entitlements for National Guard members. Incentive benefits designed to attract and retain quality personnel in the National Guard. Improved entitlements for retired members of the National Guard. First line equipment and weapons systems for the National Guard. Military Construction.

EANGKS Officers

President Chris Hargis president@EANGKS.org
1st Vice President Kenneth Boice 1stvicepresident@EANGKS.org
2nd Vice President Steven Peyton 2ndvicepresident@EANGKS.org
Immediate Past President Troy Abel pastpresident@EANGKS.org
Secretary Vacant secretary@EANGKS.org
Treasurer Nicole Sallee treasurer@EANGKS.org
Executive Director Greg Gilroy executivedirector@EANGKS.org
Auxiliary President Sandy Sadowski auxiliarypresident@EANGKS.org

Area Chairs

02 235th Regiment  Brian Anderson brian.a.Anderson.mil@mail.mil
03 69th Troop Cmd
04 1st Bn 108th Avn
05 891st Engr Bn
06 169th CSB
07  R&R Battalion Kenneth Boice mailto:Kenneth.l.boice.mil@mail.mil
08 2nd Bn 137th IN
09 35th IN Div
10 635th RSG
11 1st Bn 161st FA
12 997th BSB Nicole Sallee Nicole.j.sallee.mil@mail.mil
14 130th FAB Jeremy Hitt
15 2nd Bn 130th FA
21 184th ARW Joel Unger joel.c.unger.mil@mail.mil
22 190th ARW Eugene Bradley Eugene.i.bradley@gmail.com
30 Retired Greg Gilroy EANGKS@earthlink.net
40 Corporate Kenneth Boice Kenneth.i.boice.mil@mail.mil
50 NG Organizations

Standing Committees

Legislation Eugene Bradley legislative@EANGKS.org
Finance Max Miller finance@eangks.org
Publications Nicole Sallee Nicole.j.sallee.mil@mail.mil
Bylaws Greg Gilroy bylaws@eangks.org
Retiree Affairs Delbert Edwards retireeaffairs@eangks.org
Ways and Means ways-means@eangks.org
Scholarship Lynn Holt scholarship@eangks.org
Junior Enlisted jrenlisted@eangks.org

Conference Committees

Committee Chair E-mail address
Conference 2020 To be determined conference@eangks.org
Credentials & Rules
Nominations Greg Gilroy nominations@eangks.org
Time & Place
Distinguished Guests

Special Committees

Committee Chair E-mail address
Awards Ricky Matticks awards@eangks.org
Steering Troy Abel steering@eangks.org
Museum Greg Gilroy executivedirector@EANGKS.org
Hall of Fame Chris Hargis  
For more information contact: support@eangks.org
or mail to:
125 SE Airport Drive
Topeka, Kansas 66619


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