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EANGKS Legislative Call to Action **H.B. 2559 – Vehicle Tax Exemption for Drill Status Guardsmen

Burris in the House Veterans and Military Committee introduced a bill to amend K.S.A. 79-5107(e)(1)(C) to extend the motor vehicle tax exemption to every member, in good standing, of both the Kansas Army and Air National Guard and the Kansas unit of the reserve forces of the United States. Download House Bill 2559 here which was introduced. Chairman Osterman brought the committee to order and very quickly allowed for bill introductions. Rep Burris introduced and described the effect of the bill. There were no objections to the bill. Chairman Osterman accepted it for distribution to the House Clerk. The bill has gone through the House Clerk and is back to the Veterans and Military Committee for consideration and debate. Rep Burris’s guess is that the bill will be “worked” in committee the week after next.

What we need is our members to look up legislators via and contact their representatives in supporting H.B. 2559 that is currently in the House Veterans and Military Committee. You may even ask them if they are willing to co-sponsor the bill. This is especially critical for those whose legislators are on either the House Veterans and Military Committee or the House Taxation Committee as that will be the committee it will go through after the veterans committee and could have a hang up.

Below are all the legislators in Manhattan/Topeka/Wichita area for both Committees:

House Veterans and Military Committee

Rep Les Osterman – Wichita

Rep Jesse Burris – Mulvane

Rep Leo Delperdang – Wichita

Rep Dianna Dierks – Salina

Rep Tom Phillips – Manhattan

Rep Lonnie Clark – Junction City

Rep Virgil Weigel – Topeka

Rep Jim Gartner – Topeka

House Taxation Committee

Rep Tom Sawyer – Wichita

Rep Tom Phillips – Manhattan

Rep Jim Gartner – Topeka

Rep John Alcala – Topeka

Rep Daniel Hawkins – Wichita

Rep KC Ohaebosim – Wichita

Rep Kristey Williams – Augusta

Rep Ken Corbet

It would be great if everyone looked up their state House Representative in support of H.B. 2559 especially if their representative is in the House Veterans and Military Committee. Two of special concern are to contact Rep Tom Phillips and Rep Jim Gartner if they are your legislator as they are on BOTH the House Veterans and Military Committee and the House Taxation Committee. If anyone has any questions have them feel free to contact me.


Steve Peyton




On March 3, 2018, at the Museum of the Kansas National Guard, NGAKS and the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Kansas will sponsor a Retiree Briefing for all Kansas National Guard Retired/Separated members who wished to attend. It will be a great time to see old friends, make new friends and learn about military retirement.

NGAKS and EANGKS leadership will attend and offer information as will representatives on other topics like Tricare, Prescriptions, Dental, Hospice and Nursing Home Care; Federal Long-Term Care Insurance programming; VA health benefits and eligibility; Assistance from the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs including Kansas Military cemeteries, markers, nursing homes; Military ID cards, military records and inheritance and gift taxes; KPERS; Armed Forces Vacation Club and Space-A Travel 190th ARW (Forbes) & McConnell AFB and more!

The highlight of the event will be a briefing by the Adjutant General s Office on the State of the Kansas Guard, Command Structure & Commanders, Units and Unit Locations, Staff Office Locations & Contacts, Future Plans for the Kansas Guard.

The NGAKS and EANGKS Continuity Committee members are planning the event, and will sponsor a luncheon. If you and/or your spouse would like to attend, please RSVP to Sheli Sweeney at or Ray Rhodd at .

WHERE:   MUSEUM OF THE KANSAS NATIONAL GUARD, 125 SE Airport Drive, Forbes Field, Topeka, KS

WHEN: Saturday, March 3, 2018, 9 am to Noon, with lunch to follow

LUNCH:      No charge for lunch, but must make a reservation!

Sponsored by NGAKS, EANGKS and Museum of the Kansas National Guard

RSVP to Sheli Sweeney at , 785.213.9053 or Ray Rhodd at , 785.640.8751


Announcement for Annual State Hill Day

EANGKS and NGAKS will be hosting their annual State Hill Day on February 19, 2018 at the Kansas State Capitol.  This year there is a large growing momentum behind fully funding State Tuition Assistance (STA) for both Air and Army Kansas National Guard service members.  While state law calls for a 100% of funding for tuition and fees for qualified KSNG services members, historical increases to tuition and institutional fees has decreased the full funding to approximately only 51% for participants.  This year there are actions to add STA into the state budget at the fully funded rate. 

We need your help on February 19 to encourage our elected official to support this effort.  The recruitment, retention and quality of life of our Guard members will significantly enhanced if this is achieved.      

Come join us for this momentous opportunity–make a difference for our current and future Kansas National Guard members! 

Please register at

A confirmed agenda for the day will be available closer to Hill Day.  Until then, please contact your NGAKS Legislative Chairperson, Jody Cope, at or myself at .

 Thank you for your time

 Steve Peyton


2018 Museum Membership Campaign

The Museum of the Kansas National Guard’s mission is to preserve and present the militia heritage of the Kansas Army and Air National Guard. Without paid staff, Museum volunteers have tried to do this at minimal cost.

Donations, memberships, and brick sales is needed to meet operational costs and to save for future expenses.

The museum board is asking you to:

  • Become a 2018 Annual Member or a 2018 Major Donor ($100 & up).
  • Become a Perpetual Sustaining Member — $1200 up front or $120 a year for 10 years. You receive a brass plate in the Museum Lobby and annual listings in Museum Newsletters.
  • Purchase an engraved brick for the Museum or for the 35th Division Wall — or a memorial brick for a friend or family member. Interior bricks are $200 and patio bricks are $50.00.
  • Make a donation for operational expenses.
  • Designate the Museum as a beneficiary for memorials, wills, trusts, or IRA distributions.

All who pay Annual Member dues, make Major Donor donations of $100 or more for 2018, buy bricks, or who make Perpetual Sustaining Member payments will receive a 2018 Museum Coin, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 mobilizations for the Vietnam War.

Donate Here

Veterans Service Organization Summit

Dear VSO, veterans, families, organizations and staff are invited to attend and participate at the Veterans Service Organization Summit on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 9:00am  at The Museum of the Kansas National Guard, 125 SE Airport Drive, Forbes Field, Topeka, Kansas. 

Please share this note with as many groups and organizations as you are able.  

The event is to share legislative and policy initiatives to foster cooperation and move issues forward together, whenever possible.  Bring your initiatives and ideas with you to share, and invite any other VSOs or interested groups you are aware of.  

 Thank you for your support of Kansas veterans, service members and families!

Download Event Flyer

Dine at Jason’s Deli and Support the Museum

The Museum of the Kansas National Guard invites you to dine with us and raise funds to help preserve the history of the Kansas National Guard

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Between 1700 & 2100 hours

Jason’s Deli
6121 SW 12th Street
Topeka, Kansas

Flyers must be presented by guests in electronic or paper format when ordering to participate 25% of every dollar spent by guests presenting this flyer will be donated to the KSNG Museum

Download Flyer


Hall of Fame Invite

You and your family are cordially invited to

The Kansas National Guard Hall of Fame

Induction Ceremonies for

Brig. Gen. (KS) Charles M. Baier, Jr.

BG Wilder S. Metcalf


Brig. Gen. Deborah S Rose

Sunday, November 5, 2017

2:00 P.M.

Ramada Inn

420 E 6th Street

Topeka, Kansas

Reception Following Ceremony


EANGKS Supports TAG Shooting Competition

EANGKS President Max Miller, President Elect Troy Abel and Vice President-Army Chris Hargis and Area Chair Dave Wichman attended the TAG Shooting Competition at the Smoky Hill Range, Salina, KS, on 16 September 2017. USAA and EANGKS co-sponsored providing meals to all competitors and support staff free of charge. 150+ Soldiers and Airmen participated in the event.

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