Burris in the House Veterans and Military Committee introduced a bill to amend K.S.A. 79-5107(e)(1)(C) to extend the motor vehicle tax exemption to every member, in good standing, of both the Kansas Army and Air National Guard and the Kansas unit of the reserve forces of the United States. Download House Bill 2559 here which was introduced. Chairman Osterman brought the committee to order and very quickly allowed for bill introductions. Rep Burris introduced and described the effect of the bill. There were no objections to the bill. Chairman Osterman accepted it for distribution to the House Clerk. The bill has gone through the House Clerk and is back to the Veterans and Military Committee for consideration and debate. Rep Burris’s guess is that the bill will be “worked” in committee the week after next. What we need is our members to look up legislators via https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/ and contact their representatives in supporting H.B. 2559 that is currently in the House Veterans and Military Committee. You may even ask them if they are willing to co-sponsor the bill. This is especially critical for those whose legislators are on either the House Veterans and Military Committee or the House Taxation Committee as that will be the committee it will go through after the veterans committee and could have a hang up. Below are all the legislators in Manhattan/Topeka/Wichita area for both Committees: House Veterans and Military Committee Rep Les Osterman – Wichita Rep Jesse Burris – Mulvane Rep Leo Delperdang – Wichita Rep Dianna Dierks – Salina Rep Tom Phillips – Manhattan Rep Lonnie Clark – Junction City Rep Virgil Weigel – Topeka Rep Jim Gartner – Topeka House Taxation Committee Rep Tom Sawyer – Wichita Rep Tom Phillips – Manhattan Rep Jim Gartner – Topeka Rep John Alcala – Topeka Rep Daniel Hawkins – Wichita Rep KC Ohaebosim – Wichita Rep Kristey Williams – Augusta Rep Ken Corbet It would be great if everyone looked up their state House Representative in support of H.B. 2559 especially if their representative is in the House Veterans and Military Committee. Two of special concern are to contact Rep Tom Phillips and Rep Jim Gartner if they are your legislator as they are on BOTH the House Veterans and Military Committee and the House Taxation Committee. If anyone has any questions have them feel free to contact me.   Steve Peyton legislative@eangks.org EANGKS  
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