why Membership in the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Kansas (EANGKS) means you are also a member of the Enslited Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS) which serves as the collective voice of Army and Air National Guard members to congress. The association brings like-minded people together for the purposes of on-going professional development, to share ideas and enjoy the benefits of strength in number and a united voice. EANGUS and EANGKS membership helps to drive the association’s legislative goals at the National and State level independently or in conjunction with other associations in The Military Coalition (TMC). Each year the Enlisted Association works to get you more Money by keeping our pay at or ahead of the inflation rate and keeping authorizations for Extension Bonuses and VA Home Loan Eligibility. It works to maintain and improve our Education Benefits as well as our Health Benefits through Tricare and the FEHBP (Federal Employee Health Benefits Program). You are also encouraged to take advantage of our State Sponsored Life Insurance. Click here for more information. The association is your strongest ally in providing you Employment Protection including recent revisions to better protect Soldiers and Airmen   regarding residential and motor vehicles leases under the Civil Relief Act. Additionally joining the EANGKS will give you a chance to be heard both as an individual and as part of a larger group. There are many opportunities available to you within this organization. As any other professional organization, officers are elected to help lead different sections of the association. This is an excellent chance for you to rise up and take charge and help be part of the solution. Go to “Membership” on the Menu to join or renew.


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