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Below is a partial list of accomplishments that EANGKS has been able to bring about only by having true patriots like you join our organization. We succeed through our strength in numbers and need you to join our professional organization.

  • MONEY: Every year the Enlisted Association works hard to get our soldiers the maximum amount of pay and pay increases as possible. As an example in 2010 the pay raise for our troops was scheduled to be 2.9%, as a result of the associations efforts that number has been increased to 3.4%. This is money being directly given to you the soldier, souly due to the hard work of this organization.
  • EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS: New education benefit for Guard and Reserve members who have served in support of a contingency operation since September 11, 2001: 90 days to less than one year of service would earn 40% of the active duty MGIB benefit level; one year to less than two years earns 60% of active duty level; and two years or more of continuous duty earns 80% of the active duty level. Benefits can be paid for up to 36 months, but the member must remain in the Selected or Ready Reserve.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: New TRICARE program for Reserve Component members who commit to continued service in the Selected Reserve after release from Title 10 active duty for a contingency operation. Member receives one year of coverage, with a 28% premium, for each 90 days of Title 10 active duty served.
  • MORE HEALTH BENEFITS: Transitional health benefits for 180 days after separation from active duty made a permanent program. Requires DoD to perform a pre-separation physical exam.
  • MORE HEALTH BENEFITS: Early eligibility for TRICARE, 90 days before mobilization, made permanent.
  • REENLISTMENT BONUSES: Authorization for increased reenlistment bonuses for Guard and Reserve members and extends the time period the bonus can be received to 16 years of service from 14 years of service.
  • MORE HEALTH BENEFITS: Extension of FEHBP (Federal Employees Health Benefits Program) coverage to 24 months for federal civilians who are on active duty.
  • EMPLOYMENT PROTECTION: Clarified the Service members Civil Relief Act provision regarding termination of residential and motor vehicle leases – dependents also covered by that protection.
  • HOME LOAN BENIFITS: Increase in the maximum home loan amount which VA will guarantee under its home loan guaranty program from $240,000 to $333,700, the maximum level allowed by the federally-chartered Freddie Mac program. This level would be indexed in future years to the Freddie Mac maximum amounts.

Additionally joining the EANGKS will give you a chance to be heard both as an individual and as part of a larger group. There are many opportunities available to you within this organization. As any other professional organization, officers are elected to help lead different sections of the association. This is an excellent chance for you to rise up and take charge and help be part of the solution. Go to “Membership” on the Menu to join or renew.

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