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EANGKS Annual Conference

“Building Partnerships, Building our Future”

The Call to the 45th EANGKS Conference

Dear EANGKS Members,
…The 45th General Conference of the Enlisted National Guard Association of Kansas (EANGKS) will convene in Wichita, Kansas on 28 April, and will run through 30 April, 2017.

We will gather this year under the theme: “Building Partnerships, Building our Future”. The Guard has proven the value of the Citizen-Soldier and –Airmen to our country, especially in these challenging times.

The Joint Opening session will begin at 8:00 am Saturday, 29 April. EANGKS and NGAKS will conduct separate business sessions Saturday morning, 1030 to 1200. All Business Sessions will be held at the Wichita Marriott, Wichita, KS.

Activities scheduled for Friday, 28 April 2017 is the Golf Tournament, Skeet Shoot, 5K Fun Run/Walk and several others.

Spouse and Youth activities are planned Saturday, 29 April 2017

For information on the 45th Annual General Conference, we encourage our members to visit the EANGKS Conference on .

If you prefer to mail a check please email a request for paper form to

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CNGB Support of Professional Organizations

               Great news out of NGB, the long awaited memo supporting Professional Organizations has been published and pushed out for Distro.  Hopefully this document will be helpful to some, opening a door for you to talk with and address your Guardsmen about EANGKS and EANGUS or other similar organizaitons.  This opens up the door for a few things that several have been needing, such as some use of facilities, unit briefings, distribution of publications and flyers, attendance at conferences, and the distribution of information.  Most importantly, it supports the participation in several organizations, specifically naming the Enlisted Association of the National Guard.



EANGKS State Legislative Goals

The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Kansas is an organization comprised of Enlisted men and women of the Army and Air National Guard and their supporters who have banded together to pursue mutual goals in support of the National Guard and the national defense.

EANGKS proudly supports the following Kansas Legislative Priorities:

EANGKS State Legislative Priorities

·      Fix statutory language that excludes more than 90% of Guardsmen from tax breaks available to full-time members

    • KSA 79-5107 provides a two-vehicle tax registration break to AGRs only
    • EANGKS supports changing the language from “full-time AGR member” to “member in good standing”
    • “Member in good standing” is used throughout Kansas law to describe eligible Guard personnel

·     Create a fund separate from State General Fund for Kansas Lottery Veterans Benefit revenue

    • 40% of Kansas Lottery Veterans Benefit revenue goes to our state Tuition Assistance Program
    • However, the money goes through SGF first, making it subject to budget reductions and sweeps
    • Creating a separate fund would ensure ALL of the money goes to TA, as it is intended

·     Protect the TAG’s Budget from further cuts.

  • Allow Kansas National Guard members in state tuition fees at Kansas Regents Institutions–even if they live outside the state.
  • Continued support for Suicide Prevention efforts by Kansas National Guard leadership and in Kansas communities

·     Assign a special identifier for all military children in Kansas public school data systems

    • Every Student Succeeds Act collects data on how military-connected children perform in school
    • However, it does not include children with parents serving in the National Guard
    • Children of Guard members face unique circumstances that affect their education